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I am made up of expect nothing, appreciate everything.

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The Sweet Decor

The Sweet Decor is a motivational lifestyle decor and accessories business curated to add a little encouragement to your day with products that are fun, positive, and encouraging.

Five Minute Mindfulness Podcast

Five Minute Mindfulness serves you a short dose of gems with brief tips, and insights to help you create positive self - narratives while you navigate through your own personal journey of growth. Listening is available on the below listening platforms:


Dosya.J, founder of The Sweet Décor, continuously evolves into a better version of herself by accepting all her phases, cultivating mindfulness, being present, and living each day in gratitude while striving to maintain a healthy balance.

She also hosts a podcast called Five Minute Mindfulness, where she aims to inspire people to take control of their personal narratives, thoughts, and outlook on life in a more positive and productive way.

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